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Calling all jewellery fiddlers!  Brand new and unique, this fidget spinner necklace contains a real bluebell and ammi majus flowers.  


I'm always fiddling with my necklaces whilst wearing them, so I thought why not make one you can actually play with!  It works by focusing your attention on the necklace and using your senses to feel it as you spin it round, directing attention away from any anxious thoughts. This is a type of grounding technique which is commonly used to relieve anxiety. 


The flowers are homegrown organically by me in my cottage garden.  No air miles or nasty fertilisers on these little beauties!  They are then dried and set between layers of resin, preserving their natural beauty forever.   So why not treat yourself or a loved one?



Why is it seconds?

The placement of the flowers isn't central in the bead, and the base of the bead is a little untidy.  These imperfections can be seen in the photos and are reflected in the price.


Seconds -Anxiety reducing fidget spinner necklace with real bluebell

Out of Stock
  • The chain measures 18 inches and is silver plated.

    The pendant measures 20mm across.

    Resin jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight, and not be exposed to chemical or alcohol based products such as nail varnish remover.
    Please note this piece contains natural inclusions which may contain imperfections. Similarly, due to the nature of resin, some pieces may contain tiny bubbles.

    As every single flower is unique, yours may vary slightly from the one in the photograph.

    As every single flower is unique, yours may vary slightly from the photo.

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