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Creativity - it's in our nature

Hanging Herbs

meet helen

Silver and Birch is the creative outlet of artist Helen Lack.  

Helen has been creating things from a young age.  Following her degree in Art and Design, she got a 'proper job' for a while, but her passion for creativity continued, and in crept another passion - flowers!

Helen's love of design and nature is behind every Silver and Birch product.

A keen gardener, Helen now has a beautiful organic cottage garden on the edge of the New Forest in the UK.  This is where she grows almost all the flowers and botanical elements for her designs.

The rest is foraged locally from the incredible surrounding countryside.

So you can you be sure they have no carbon footprint, and haven't been sprayed with any nasty fertilisers.

The love of nature goes hand in hand with a love for the beautiful planet we live on. And in turn a desire to protect it.  At Silver and Birch we try very hard to keep our impact on the planet as minimal as possible - from the home grown flowers and recycled jewellery gift boxes, to eco friendly mixing cups and stirrers and lots of little things in between.

We are always striving to better our practices too.

Silver and Birch designs make stunning gifts, and we've had some fantastic reponses from the recipients!

Each item is unique, and made with passion and care.  So what are you waiting for?  Happy shopping!


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