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Brand new!  Preserve your own special daisy chain forever!  I recently did a commission for a customer who had pressed the first ever daisy chain her daughter had made :)
I made it into a beautiful bangle for her so she could keep it forever and wear it with pride.

I loved the idea so much, I've decided to offer it in my shop! 


All you have to do is press your special daisy chain, either in a flower press or even in some heavy books.  Once it's ready (around 2-3 weeks) you can post it to me and I'll do the rest.  Once you've placed your order I'll be in touch to explain the process.


Perfect for long summer days, these bangles would also make great gifts for bridesmaids, Birthdays or Anniversaries, or be stunning as bridal jewellery.


Please make sure you're happy with the internal dimensions of the bangle before purchasing.


Bespoke daisy chain bangle from your own flowers!

  • The internal diameter of the bangle is 67mm.
    Resin jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight, and not be exposed to chemical or alcohol based products such as nail varnish remover.
    Please note this piece contains natural inclusions which may contain imperfections. Similarly, due to the nature of resin, some pieces may contain tiny bubbles.

    As every single flower is unique, yours may vary slightly from the one in the photograph.

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