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Brand new! I always think Bluebells are the most beautiful shape, and while they're lovely pressed I really wanted to be able to capture them exactly as they are.

So after a bit of trial and error, I've designed these luscious teardrop pendants! Each one contains a real English Bluebell, dried but still in it's 3D form.  The shape of the pendant itself is very tactile, like a little pebble!


Bluebells are said to symbolise humility, constancy, gratitude and everlasting love.  Their nodding shape representing a nod to the giver's appreciation and the recipient's grace.   The everlasting love is a testament to their perennial nature and the enduring affection people have for them.


These beautiful necklaces make a unique, meaningful gift, a gorgeous treat, or a perfect something blue for a bride.


The flowers have been grown by me in my organic cottage garden. (Please never pick wild Bluebells).  They are then dried and set in to resin to preserve their natural beauty forever.  


Your necklace will arrive in a special gift box :)  

Please note you may not receive the exact necklace from the picture.

Whole real Bluebell teardrop pendant

  • The pendant measures 27mm x 13mm
    The silver plated chain is 18 inches long.
    Resin jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight, and not be exposed to chemical or alcohol based products such as nail varnish remover.
    Please note this piece contains natural inclusions which may contain imperfections. Similarly, due to the nature of resin, some pieces may contain tiny bubbles.
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